Our work

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Animal World(2018)

Director: Han Yan

For Film 《Animal World》Luxa Studio produced 89 VFX shots of mud puddle,ceilings and tiger.

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Operation Red Sea(2018)

Director: Dante Lam

Luxa created moutain collapsing, explosion, explosion debris, missile, missile trail, tracer fire VFX shot.

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City of Rock(2017)

Director:Da Peng

Luxa worked closely with director DaPeng to design, produce & conceive all the VFX shots of the film. From CG timelapse building, to cityscape matte painting to full CG room transformation, Luxa created 270 shots.

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League of Gods(2016)

Director:Xu An

From creature development to final lighting,environment,FX to compositing, Luxa completely created 90 shots for this VFX-packed feature.

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Mojin The Lost Legend(2015)

Director:Wu Ershan

Luxa created over 90 environmental shots on green screen. 100% CG set extensions, CGlava, sparks & smoke.

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Lost In Hong Kong(2015)

Director:Xu Zheng

Luxa created 255 shots, including 40 CG Set Extension of a Glass Platform.

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The Audition(2015)

Director:Martin Scorsese

The Audition Luxa worked on 16 green screen shots of the opening sequence for this 70 million USD short film created to promote the Studio City Macau.

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The Crossing(2014)

Director: John Woo

Luxa created 105 shots for the film including battle shots, explosions,snow,matte painting BGs and beauty fixes.